Into The Wild
A Week In Taiga

Challenge yourself. Yes you can. Or you cannot?

Krasnoyarsk city surrounded with a lot of undiscovered ordinary tourists wilderness. There several places we can take you with more or less the same schedule. This plan is for Kuturcha Belogorie.

Kuturcha Belogorie is a mountain range stretching about 80 km in the Krasnoyarsk region, within the Eastern Sayan mountains. The cliffs remind of the Stolby Nature Reserve and the famous Manpupuner cliffs in the Urals!
This is a unique place with wild untouched nature and bizarre rocks.

There are many cones and berries in August and September.

stay away from the Internet, restaurants and transportation

experience the beauty of nature in the awesome corner of siberia

learn the way of living in the real wilderness without the benefits of modern civilization.

you will cook on the fire and live in simple tents just like native people do

get the chance to encounter wild animals

study how to survive in harsh conditions with only minimum equipment

enjoy the ride with Russian ATV and river rafting
уем вещи в коробки

Trip Plan


Day 1 Arrival.

Check-in at a cosy eco cottage near Krasnoyarsk. Workshop for choosing the right set of equipment and proper way to pack it. Briefing on the trip.

Day 2 Heading to Taiga

Transfer to Kuturcha by minivan. Then by ATV. Sleep in the tent. But there's still some comfortable conditions with camping showers, a kitchen, and a barbecue.

Day 3 - 5 Into The Wild

Trekking around Kuturcha Belogorie (or other place in Siberian Taiga) fully autonomous.
During the trip we have chance to eat wild berries and cones.
Wild animals are also somewhere around. Even if you do not see them :)
Workshops about living in taiga and surviving techniques.

Day 6 Meet the ATV

At this point we'll meet our ATVs. The'll bring rafting gear and equipment for semi-comfortable camping.

Day 7 To The Water

Going down to the river with an ATV.
The start of the rafting part of the tour.
Camping overnight by the river.
The rafting is easy, no need for special knowledge.


Day 8 Going back

The end of the rafting at Narva. Transfer to Krasnoyarsk. Check-in to a nice eco cottage near Krasnoyarsk. Banya, barbeque.

Day 9 Farewell

Back to civilization. Some sightseeing around the city. Shopping. Farewell dinner.


What are the best dates for this tour?
For safety reasons, the best dates to start the tour is 10 - 20 August.
At this time bears are less active.
Requirements for the fitness
You will need to be able to walk for 4-6 hours on uneven surfaces, climbing hills, You need to have good mobility and aerobic fitness.
Group size is 4-8 people.

If you want to come with more people we can discuss it.

Price 1600 eur per person

What is included:

- all transfers
- camping equipment
- food
- accommodation
- rafting equipment

What you need to bring

You need to bring your own outdoor clothes. The lowest temperature expected is 0C. Though it is summer time, when the weather is 20-30C. You need proper trekking shoes.
It is also can be rainy. And you need to be prepared for water part of the trip (like extra dry clothes).

There’re plenty of outdoor shops in Krasnoyarsk, in case you don't have proper clothing we can help you to choose the right one.