The Heart of Siberia

We are locals. We will show you the real Siberian face

The city of Krasnoyarsk is the geographical center of Russia and lies on both sides of the Yenisei River, which divides Siberia into the eastern and western part.

Krasnoyarsk, with 1 million population, is the third biggest city in Siberia, fast developing and famous for metallurgical industries. It is not top touristic destination, so you will not be overcrowded with people and you have chance to see the real life of Russian people. And the stunning nature of the central Siberia is not yet spoiled here.

Trip Plan


Day 1 Arrival.

Meet you at the airport and transfer (about 80 km) to eco-friendly surroundings of Krasnoyarsk near Mana river.

Check in to a cosy cottage

Dinner and barbecue with fresh rainbow trout, meat and charcoal baked potatoes
Russian banya

Day 2 National Reserve Stolby

Breakfast (including traditional Russian thin pancakes, local honey and home made jam).

Transfer to The Reserve (30 km)

Walking tour around 3 km or more if desired. There're variety of climbing routes with different complexity. Our experienced guide will help with it.
Stolby Nature Reserve, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is really interesting because of its peculiar landscape with curved cliffs. They are bizarre rocks with strange forms and shapes. The part of the reserve that is open to visitors has many nice views from the top of the rocks.

Picnic with hot drinks at some picturesque place on the way.

Dinner with local home food

We can stay at a small wooden houses near the rocks or go back to the previous hotel.
Banya and barbecue also available.

Day 3 Exploring surroundings

Transfer to Divnogorsk (20km)
Divnogorsk is a sleepy, small city (with less then 30 000 population) located on the right Yenisei shore with beautiful view for hills and forests.

On the way we will visit a few observation points.

Tsar-Fish Statue, a bit weird monument, which symbolizes the humanity conquering nature. At this observation platform you will get one of the most stunning view of the Yenisei River.
Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Station is one of the biggest Hydro Power Stations in the world.
We will see it from observation points first and then with organized excursion from RusHydro Energy Holding, one of Russia's largest power generating companies.

Transfer to Krasnoyarsk Reservoir, also known as the Krasnoyarsk Sea.
It is one of the largest artificial reservoirs in the world. In Russia, it now ranks second (after the Bratsk Reservoir). The total length of the reservoir is much more - 388 kilometers. Width at widest points is 15 kilometers. Height of the water's edge is 243 meters above sea level.

Check in to a guest house at Eco-Park "Admiral" situated on the bank of the Krasnoyarsk Sea

Dinner with local home food. Don't worry, it will be every time different types of dishes ;) And drinks.
Banya and barbecue also available.

Day 4 Krasnoyarsk Sea


Hovercraft trip along the Krasnoyarsk Sea

Visiting caves in Biryusa Bay and making lots of photos with ice, rocks and ice piles.

Picnic with hot drinks inside the cave.

Ice fishing
Though probably you will not catch a big fish, it could be interesting experience. And we still can have fresh fish from local fish-farms or fishermen for dinner.

Snow-kiting lesson if desired and depending on the weather.
Snowkiting is the art of sliding with your skis or snowboard being pulled by a kite. Krasnoyarsk Dam is a favorite spot of skiers and snowboarders. You will learn it easily with the help of our experienced instructors and get the freedom from from ski resort fees forever.

Dinner with local home food. Banya and barbecue also available.

Day 5 Exploring wilder areas


Transfer to Ust-Mana (30km)

Riding snowmobiles from Ust-Mana to Beret village. You can drive yourself, or enjoy the views as a passenger, guided by instructor.

Picnic in the middle of frozen river Mana somewhere on the way.

Check in to a nice guesthouse in rural village Beret on the bank of the river.

Stay away from internet and civilization for a while. Talk to each other :)

Dinner and banya - as usual.


Day 6 Going back

Transfer back to Krasnoyarsk (100km) taking stops on viewpoints along the way.

Visiting Fun Park Bobroviy log. Cable chair lift up to see the panoramic view to to whole city of Krasnoyarsk.

Lunch at the ethnical cafe on the summit.

Downhill skiing (lessons for beginners are possible) or/and walking tour to the forest along Kashtak route.

Banya and barbecue possible.

Day 7 Farewell


Huski riding tour in Krasnoyarsk suburbs.

Lunch at some city restaurant.

Visiting famous places of Krasnoyarsk city.

Farewell dinner.
Transfer to airport (40 km) and departure.